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Do you want to work with children and believe that they are independent and eager to learn? Then this is a course for you! It starts in August 2018 in Lund, Sweden and is given in cooperation with AMI, Association Montessori Internationale. After graduating you can work in Montessori preschools all over the world.

What makes this course special?

In the prepared Montessori environment children get to independently discover, explore and learn at their own pace. The Montessori teacher guides through this process, by giving presentations. By taking our course you’ll get the tools and methods you need to be a competent Montessori teacher. The course offers you

  • an international network and an international diploma which gives you the opportunity to work and further educate yourself internationally
  • theoretical, as well as practical, knowledge of the Montessory philosophy and pedagogy
  • 700 hours of lectures, presentations, discussions, material making and laboratory work that ensures that the knowledge stays with you
  • an understanding of what both children and adults need to grow and develop
  • guidance from experienced trainers to produce the material and manuals you’ll use in your work with the children.
International AMI Diploma

If you have 90 % attendence and get passing grades on all mandatory parts of the course you get an international AMI Diploma. With the diploma you can work at Montessori preschools all over the world, or start your own. The mandatory parts consist of:

  • written and oral exams
  • observation and work placement at Montessori preschools
  • essays
  • Montessori materials and manuals.
Course content

During the course you will have lectures and workshops at Maria Montessori Institutet in Lund, Sweden and observation and work placement at any AMI-approved Montessori preschools in the world. The extensive lectures give you insight into the fundamental elements of Dr. Montessori’s philosophy and approach regarding the education and upbringing of children. During the workshops you get presentations and do excersises with special Montessori materials. It is with this material the children develop their ability to concentrate, as well as explore and learn about the practical life, language, culture, maths and natural science. During your observation and work placement you get to see Montessori’s theories and methods put into practice and start practising them yourself under the guidance of AMI trained directors.


The course starts 20 of August 2018 and finishes end of November 2019. The lectures at Maria Montessori Institutet are arranged into four periods of 5 weeks each. These periods are called blocks.
Block 1: 20 August – 21 September, 2018 
Block 2: 14 January – 15 February, 2019 
Block 3: 12 August – 13 September, 2019 
Block 4: 28 October – 29 November, 2019 
You do your observation and work practice between the blocks, and you are also expected to study independently.

Course language

Lectures and literature are in English. You can write tests, assignments and essays in English, Swedish, Finnish or German. Your observation and work placement can be done at AMI-approved preschools anywhere in the world in any language.

Number of participants

The class consists of 10–24 participants, meaning it is small enough for individual tutoring and large enough to provide incentive and create a dynamic learning environment.


Marja-Leena Tyrväinen is an AMI 3–6 Trainer and our Director of Training. Marja-Leena has 20 years of experience in Montessori teacher training (ages 3–6) at the Continuing Education Department of the University in Helsinki, University of Applied Sciences in Tampere, Finland, in Romania and Copenhagen. Marja-Leena holds lectures in many countries and is an international Montessori examiner. Ulla Wikefeldt is the founder of Maria Montessori Institutet, an AMI 3-6 Trainer and our Senior Pedagogical Advisor. Ulla has extensive experience in Montessori and has for the past 30 years worked with Montessori teacher training at School of Education, Uppsala University and in Stockholm, Skåne and Uppsala. She has also worked with teacher training in Thailand and Copenhagen and held lectures internationally. She is also an international AMI examiner. Malin Spets is an AMI 3–6 teacher as well as the the directress and course administrator at MMI. She is currently in the Training of Trainers programme.

Requirements to start the course

You must have completed upper secondary education and a B2-level proficiency in English to start the course. Having worked at a well-functioning Montessori school is considered an asset, as is a professional degree as a nurse, primary or elemantary school teacher, physician etc.